SOUNDVISION WCS-400 Series UHF Wireless Conference System

WCS-400 Series is a new UHF Wireless Conference System,This series includes Controller Unit with Recorder (WCS-400R),Discussion Desktop Unit for Chairman (WCS-400D chairman)and Discussion Desktop Unit for Delegate (WCS-400D delegate).This series simple and elegant design,plug-and-play and easy to move without wiring connection.

WCS-400Rwith high flexibility and reliability,Controller Unit offers simple operation with FIFO microphone mode, built in USB port for recording in MP3 format and Support up to 32GB drive.

WCS-400D with simple and elegant design,Desktop Unit has OLED display infomation and Touch button.Only Chairman Unit has priority of the whole meeting and can terminate or discontinue other delegate units who is speaking.

This series can be perfectly integrated into any conference rooms or meeting rooms without additional wiring and control for up to 50 wireless discussion units.It’s the best wireless conference solutions for small scale conferences.

WCS-400R Wireless Controller Unit with Recorder
WCS-400D UHF Wireless Desktop Unit (Chairman)
WCS-400D UHF Wireless Desktop Unit (Delagate)

Certifications : The WCS-400 Series conforms to standard CE and RoHS