DCW-9900M Wireless Digital Controller Unit  with Recorder, Support control HD camera and SD camera Up to 4 unit.

DCW-9900 Series  is 2.4G Wireless digital conference system, This series includes Wireless digital controller Unit (DCW-9900M),Wireless digital chairman unit (DCW-9900C) and Wireless digital delegate unit (DCW-9900D). This series combined video-tracking system,supports HD camera and SD camera and support up to 255 units.

DCW-9900 Series with simple and elegant design,Wireless Control unit is centralized processing and control discussion, Clear sound, hi-fidelity, built in USB port for recording in MP3 format and Support up to 64GB,Control unit has Larg LCD screen display infomation, Built-in feedback eliminating technology, Built-in Video switcher processor 4IN/2OUT for SD video camera and Support control HD video camera and SD video camera up to 4 unit, This series can be perfectly integrated into any conference rooms or meeting rooms without additional wiring. It’s the best wireless conference solutions for small to medium scale system.