SOUNDVISION SET Live Sound Concert Solution

  • SU-890D UHF Dual Handheld Wireless Microphones
  • ACS-1500 Series Active Column Speaker System

  • UHF 803.3 ~ 805.7MHz Frequency Range.
  • Frequency Response 30Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Pre-Set 40CH (2*20CH) Selectable Frequencies.
  • Auto Frequency Scanning and Spectrum Display.
  • Auto Mute When Falling Down or Laid Down.
  • Up To 100 Meters Line-of-Sight Range.

ACS-1500 Series Active Column Speaker System which can cover the usage area from small to large designed for hi-end professional sound performance specifically for frequency response up to 40Hz ~ 18KHz ± 3dB, Power maximum 1800 Watts Amplifier Class D with DSP processor 5 Preset for best performance. And can stream wireless music via Bluetooth.